Thursday, 9 June 2016

Spinning tops

Today we designed our own spinning tops! We discussed what kind of spinning toys we played before and how to play spinning toys.

Miss Joo brought some old CDs and marbles for spinning tops. We practiced and designed what we are going to draw on a paper first because didn't want to make mistakes with vivids on CDs.

When we finished, we used vivids to draw on CD and then Miss Joo helped us to glue the marble in the middle using a hot glue gun.

When it was dry, we tested our spinning tops. We all had thrilling fun time!


  1. What a fantastic activity room 10. They look so colourful, have fun spinning them.

  2. Very creative spinning tops room 10!I liked how you recycled the CDs and turned them into something you will be able to enjoy for a long time. How long did it take to make them?


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